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Dear Alumni Association Members,

     The alumni association is the most important part of an educational institute or an organization. It says a lot about the quality of education imparted in that institute. Part of the reputation of a college rests on its Alma Mater. After the students complete their education, they begin their journey in the corporate world. Many of them attribute a lot to the kind of education, grooming, opportunities, co-curricular activities and facilities provided by their college.

    Many students like to come back to their college that has been a very important part of their memory. They like to give back to their college by giving their valuable time. They feel obliged to the institute that opened new avenues of jobs for them by building them academically strong. Most of the good colleges ensure an all-round development of the students. They have special sessions to grill the students and prepare them for the interviews. There are various kinds of co-curricular activities and competitions organized by the college. Such events create memories for the students to cherish for a lifetime.

    Students these days have got immense pressure on themselves and therefore there arises a need of a community where the entire group of Students can come together and share and explain the problems which they come across during their academic year. 

    Joining student communities is not only beneficial in terms of solving the problems related to their College projects during the academic year, but it may also be helpful for the students in organizing some creative events or extra-curricular activities for themselves where the students can have an opportunity to showcase their talents not in only in front of their seniors but also to the entire college faculties.

The members of alumni association are an important part of any college. They help in strengthening the bond between the students who pass out from the college every year. They also help the budding engineers to know the hurdles, face challenges and share knowledge. The career guidance provided in colleges can help to guide those who have left the college but want to take up higher education.

It offers an expanding range of community tools including:

secure access to directories of members, a messaging service, opportunities to connect actively with old friends and new,

The ability to securely view some of the information that is held on you in the Development and Alumni  Management System database and to update this where necessary.

You only need to register for this once,then when you log-in you will be able to 
access any spaces you are eligible to belong to.

So dear Students Enjoy the New Journey of our ALUMNI Association

With Warm Regards

Dr. Vimal Joshi

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